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Oldtimer kluba Zagreb

Vehicle of the month

FIAT 1100 Nuova  Bauletto
Ivan Pekera
FIAT 1100 Nuova Bauletto (1953.)

About us

In the year 1986, friends and enthusiasts of classic cars informally assembled during an ancient car exhibition organized at the Technical Museum in Zagreb to celebrate the "100 years of the automobile". The response of the public was fantastic. In one week the exhibition has seen more than 10,000 people what had not happened at the Technical Museum in Zagreb before. At that time the first Zagreb old-timer rally from Zagreb to Samobor and back was organized. It was held on the 8th of June 1986. In the years which followed similar rallies were organized, and in the wave of enthusiasm the OLDTIMER CLUB at the Technical Museum was founded in April 1988. In the next years its successor, the OLDTIMER CLUB ZAGREB, was founded, which has retained the name up to 26 th of April 2006. Onwards the club becomes an Auto Moto Club under the same name "OLDTIMER KLUB ZAGREB". In the year 2023 the OLDTIMER CLUB ZAGREB successfully organized our 37 rally, which is a very respectable number.

As in the first years our club was the only one in Croatia the number of members from the whole country was about 250. That later resulted in a big number of regional old-timer clubs (about 30).

The reason for the existence of our club is the gathering of old-timer fans; but the real occasion is collecting, systematization of documentation and restoration of ancient vehicles which are the heritage and technical legacy of each nation. It is not a problem to throw away, much more it is important to know how to use, preserve and restore those segments of human creativity. For that reason each year the club organizes our traditional old-timer rally as an exhibition on wheels and each year a new restored vehicle is made public.

The second club task is the publishing of our journal "Oldtajmerski vjesnik" which has passed through different phases and evolved from a simple multiplied photocopy to a high value designed journal.

Besides these main tasks, the club initiated the first fair of old-timer cars and parts in Zagreb in the year 1997 as well as different other manifestations. The club and its members also take part in different rallies organized by other similar clubs (Rijeka, Split etc.) and are also seen on rallies outside Croatia. The club organises joint visits to old-timer exhibitions, fairs, and museums in Austria, Italy, Germany and others.

Weekly meetigs on thursday from 19 to 21 hour at the restaurant "Veselo nepce" located on the south-western side of the stadium in Kranjceviceva Street in Zagreb.